Samsung HS30 ultrahang készülék

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Samsung HS30 - Egyszerű kezelés

A felhasználó szem előtt tartásával és az ergonomikus kialakítással megtervezett funkciók révén a HS30 fokozza a termelékenységet és a vizsgálati kényelmet.

Samsung HS30 ultrahang készülék

Fejlett képalkotási technikák


A zajcsökkentő szűrő javítja az élek kiemelését és éles 2D képeket hoz létre. A ClearVision alkalmazás-specifikus optimalizálást és időbeli felbontást biztosít élő vizsgálati üzemmódban.

Knee with ClearVision

Knee with ClearVision


S-Flow, a directional Power Doppler imaging technology, can help to detect even the peripheral blood vessels.


S-Harmonic using pulse inversion technology improves image clarity, near to far. Reducing signal noise, S-Harmonic provides more uniform ultrasound images.

Kidney color with S-Harmonic™

Kidney color with S-Harmonic


MultiVision controls ultrasound beam electronically by steering, and compounds many scan lines for better image. MultiVision provides remarkable spatial and contrast resolution with even greater artifact suppression than ever before.

Fejlett eszközök


A diagnostic ultrasound technique for imaging elasticity, ElastoScan detects the presence of solid masses in tissues and converts any stiffness into color images.

HS40 ultrahang készülék - Elasztográfia
HS30 ultrahang készülék - CCA with AutoIMT+


AutoIMT+ is a screening tool to analyze a patient’s potential risk of cardiovascular disease. It allows easy intima-media thickness measurement of both the anterior and posterior wall of the common carotid by the click of a button. This simple procedure enhances exam productivity and adds diagnostic value.


Strain+ is a quantitative tool for global and segmental wall motion of the left ventricle (LV). In Strain+, three standard LV views and a Bull’s Eye are displayed in a quad screen for an assessment of the LV-function.

HS30 ultrahang készülék - Strain+


Panoramic+ imaging displays as an extended field-of-view so users can examine wide areas that do not fit into one image as a single image. Panoramic+ imaging also supports angular scanning from linear transducer data acquisition.


NeedleMate+ helps needle targeting when performing commonly used intervention procedures.


A semi-automatic technology for biometric measurement, BiometryAssist, enables users to measure the fetal growth parameters such as BPD, HC, AC and FL with one click while maintaining exam consistency.


LaborAssist is a function that provides information of the progress of delivery by the automatic measurement of AoP (Angle of Progress) and the direction of the fetal head. This not only helps in effective communication between the healthcare professionals and mothers, but also assists in making delivery decision for the healthcare professionals.

* AoP complies with the metrics specified in the ISUOG Guideline.


Comprised of a suite of outstanding imaging applications (Multi-Slice View, Oblique View, and XI VOCAL), 3D XI offers precise control over 3D/4D volume data manipulation to improve diagnostic accuracy.


2D NT is a function to measure NT (Nuchal translucency) using the ROI box, and it helps you to measure the maximum value quickly and accurately.

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EzAssist provides the anatomical information of the human body at the screen to guide easy ultrasound scanning for untrained people.

HS30 ultrahang készülék - EZAssist

Abdomen with EzAssist


EzCompare allows access to previously taken exams to evaluate corresponding views in a side-by-side display. EzCompare automatically matches the image settings, annotations, and bodymarkers from the prior study.

Samsung HS30 ultrahang készülék - EzCompare

Thyroid with EzCompare


EzExam+ enables users to build or to use predefined protocols and could help users perform full investigation by eliminating the risk of forgetting an image or loop capture, as well as measurement and transducer preset changes.

Hello Mom

Simple transfer of fetal ultrasound images and clips

Hello Mom is a simple and secure image sharing solution by generating QR code for the selected fetal images. Pregnant women and family are capable of downloading images of fetus by scanning on the QR code using smartphone, reducing the hassle of installing a separate application.

Samsung HS30 ultrahang készülék - Hello Mom