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Samsung HS70 ultrahang készülék

Samsung HS70A – A mindennapi inspiráció


Samsung HS70A – A mindennapi inspiráció

Image clarity


S-Harmonic This new harmonic technology makes a clearer image – near to far. Minimizing signal noise, S-Harmonic provides more uniformed ultrasound images. Combined with S-Vue Transducer and S-Vision Imaging Engine, S-Harmonic takes HS70A image quality one step higher. S-Vision imaging engine With the advanced technology built on the HS70A system, the digital signals received from the beamformer demonstrates clear, detailed resolution and tissue uniformity for all types of applications in general imaging The S-Vue transducer provides a larger bandwidth and higher sensitivity both in transmit and receive capabilities. The combination of the new S-Vision beamformer with the S-Vue transducer allows easier visualization of difficult to image pathologies. In addition, the ergonomically designed S-Vue transducer fits well in the hand and is easy to handle .
  • Preventive actions

    Cutting-edge technology for diagnostic challenges, Shwearwave Arterial Analysis Arterial Analysis detects changes in vessels, providing measurement values such as stiffness and intima-media thickness. Since functional changes occur before morphological changes, this technology enables the diagnosis related to heart vessels at an early stage. Strain+ Cutting-edge technology for diagnostic challenges, Shwearwave Strain+ is a quantitative tool for global and segmental wall motion of the left ventricle (LV). In Strain+, three standard LVviews and a Bull’s Eye are displayed in a Quadscreen for easy and quick assessment of the LV-function. Cutting-edge technology for diagnostic challenges, Shwearwave Stress Echo The Stress Echo package includes wall motion scoring and reporting. It includes exercise Stress Echo, pharmacologic Stress Echo, diastolic Stress Echo and free programmable Stress Echo.
  • Advanced measurement tools

    S-Detect™ Advances that minimize risk By simply clicking a suspicious lesion, S-Detect™ draws the lesion borders, suggests the characteristics of the lesion and gives a hint whether the lesion is benign or malignant. S-Detect™ uses the Breast Imaging-Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS®) scores for standardized reporting and classification of lesions. E-Breast™(ElastoScan™ for breast) Augmentation index, Measurement table of Arterial Analysis Next to the B-mode image, ElastoScan™ displays a color image that represents the elasticity of the tissue.E-Breast™ technology calculates the strain ratio between the selected target and surrounding fatty tissue. Unlike conventional ultrasound elastography. E-Breast™ requires only one ROI to be selected by the user. E-Thyroid™(ElastoScan™ for thyroid) Advance QuickScan™ E-Thyroid™ uses the pulsations of the adjacent common carotid artery (CCA), eliminating the need for manual transducer compression and offering greater consistency in the ElastoScan™ image. E-Thyroid™ provides an elasticity contrast index that is calculated by comparing the elasticity of the lesion and normal tissue within the ROI.
  • Intuitive streamlined workflow

    Quick Preset S-Detect™ for breast Quick Preset shows the four connected transducers and, for each of them, the most frequently used image settings. With one touch, the desired transducer and preset will be activated. E-Breast™(ElastoScan™ for breast) E-Breast™(ElastoScan™ for breast) EZ-Exam+™ EZ-Exam+™ enables users to build or to use predefined protocols. It transforms the ultrasound investigation into a streamlined process. EZ-Exam+™ ensures the full investigation is performed, eliminating the risk of forgetting an image or loop capture, as well as measurement and transducer preset change. Advanced QuickScan™ To optimize efficiency, one touch of the Advanced QuickScan™ button during a CCA ultrasound scan the ROI position and scanning direction are automatically set.
  • Ergonomic design

    Designed for your convenience
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